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Regular Maintenance of Solar Panels

  • Ensures the highest possible output

  • Keeps your warranty valid.

  • You will save money.

  • Increases the longevity of your investment

  • Prevents module discoloration from becoming permanent.

  • Provides you with peace of mind.

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Solar Panels Cleaning

Why Cleaning of Solar Panels is essential?

Dust particles in the air, sticky tree and plant sap, lichen, soot, and bird droppings are just a few of the things that might cause dirt to accumulate on your solar panels.

Accumulation shades the solar panels, preventing sunlight from reaching the cells. This leads to poor system performance, efficiency loss, and a financial loss for solar energy owners and users.

Unclean Solar Panels

  • Efficiency and longevity are reduced.

  • Reduce the system's overall performance.

  • Permanent module discoloration is possible.

  • Observe a decrease in return on investment.

  • Your limited warranty may be affected.

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