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  • Monthly cleaning services

  • One time-intense deep cleaning

  • Summer and winter pool care plan

  • Water quality

  • Chemical imbalance

  • Regular testing

Urban Maids Dubai

Pool Cleaning

Regular Pool Maintenance, One-Time Servicing Visits, and Urgent Call-Out Services are all available under one roof.

Your pool will be safe to swim in, sparkly and clear, and won't cost you an arm and a leg in extra chemicals or filter maintenance if you hire a professional swimming pool cleaning service. Bacteria and algae will not be a concern if your pool is cleaned and tested on a regular basis.

What Can Urban Services Do To Assist You?

Urban Services can help customers with monthly swimming pool cleaning services as well as one-time intense or deep cleanings. We also offer a winter and summer pool care plan and work on both indoor and outdoor pools. Filter servicing is an additional option. In terms of water quality, hygiene, and chemical balance, pool filters are crucial pieces of equipment.

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