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Car Wash

  • Car interior and exterior cleaning

  • Mobile auto valet service

  • Time convenient

  • Our professionals bring all the equipment

  • efficient car washing service

Urban Maids Dubai

Regular Domestic Cleaning experience by real experts

Your car is your buddy for accomplishing everything throughout the week and on weekends. Your car will get dirty from commuting to seeing friends, running errands, and dropping your kids off at school. Cleaning your car's inside and exterior can be a major undertaking.

Car Wash Professionals

By reserving a professional with Urban Services today, you may enjoy a mobile auto valet service from the comfort of your own home. We will make certain that your automobile is fully cleaned and cared for at a time that is convenient for you. Your own personal vehicle wash on wheels.
Our Team will bring sponges, soap, and buckets to handle all of your car washing requirements

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