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How URBAN Maids DUBAI are working safely during Covid-19

Urban Maids Dubai

Is your cleaning regime adequate to meet the required standards needed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to yourself and the others living in your home?

It’s never been more important to ensure that your home is clean and hygienic.

Urban Maids Dubai can provide the essential cleaning and sanitisation services required to help to reduce the risk of COVID-19 within your home, to give you great peace of mind that you are doing everything that you can to keep your home clean and hygienic for you and your family.

Our experience is second to none.

Urban Maids Dubai have been providing professional domestic cleaning services in the UAE for over 11 years and service a wide range of customers, all with different requirements but one thing in common – the need for a clean and hygienic home. The main reason being, the reassurance that having their home cleaned by us ensures it is as safe as it can be.

We can work with you to:

  • Create a tailored cleaning schedule to ensure that your home is cleaned to a high standard and as often as required. This will include particular focus on frequent high touch points and the use of specialist disinfectant products

  • Help keep the home clean and help prevent transmission by touching contaminated surfaces

  • Share with you our best practices so that you can keep your home as clean and hygienic as possible in between our regular visits

Covid-19 Risk Assessments

We will also carry out our own COVID-19 risk assessment to assess any potential risk to our cleaning operatives.

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